Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flowers & Feature!

Many of you may not have heard of "Flowers &" magazine....but we can assure you that it's monthly subscriptions can be found floating around almost every flower shop across the nation. It is one of the industries leading look-books, boasting glossy pages full of ideas, trends, new products and featured flower shops. It just so happens that our shop was chosen to be featured in the May issue!! The magazine is really great, because it is made for florists, and features florists...a constant sharing of ideas. The interview and photo session was so long ago that it was an exciting surprise when the magazines were delivered to the store yesterday!! The well written article captured our feelings about the never-ending balancing act between artistic-creativity mixed with the day to day tasks of actually maintaining a successful business; as well as how the industry is changing and growing as online marketing and social networking become more prominent. We hope to always stay on top of the industries latest trends and teachings, so we can 
always offer fresh ideas to our customers.