Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Central Mass Flower and Patio Show Screamed Spring!

Spring was in the air at this years Central Mass Flower and Patio Show. Worcester's DCU Center was a bustle of excitement as spectators took in the sights, smells, and even sounds of spring. Landscapers created large abundant displays showcasing fire and water features, outdoor lighting, exquisite masonry, and spring blooms. Florists entered in classes with specific themes and requirements, as well as adorn public spaces. People's Choice Awards were honored to the "winners" of each class. Floral Elegance participated in two classes at this years show, as well as adorn different areas of the center with large scale pieces. 


In Class One the designers were to focus on texture with a feeling of spring in the air. The piece was to fit on the provided pedestal safely with no other size restrictions. The piece was to be predominately fresh flowers. Floral Elegance took first place in the peoples choice award for Class One!
Nancy Roberts created this fascinating woodland piece. 
She was inspired by the textures of spring bursting forth
through the frozen tundra. The piece was wonderful to 
watch evolve over the course of the three day show. 
The iris and lilies spread their petals. The hyacinth opened,
sharing its' sweet fragrance, and the live moss seemed to 
grow when exposed to the sunlit room.


Virginia Orlando also participated in Class One. She created
a piece inspired by the thought of the textures of spring nests
and hatching. The yellow spring blooms were uplifting and drew
the eye to the piece. She adorned the piece with soft wool, eggshells
and feathers.  

Class Three was to focus on spring with a feeling of music in the air. The pieces
were to be at least six feet tall and fit safely on the pedestal provided. They
were showcased in a grouping between large landscaped areas. Spectators
enjoyed walking throughout the five large pieces. Floral Elegance also took
first place in the people's choice awards for Class Three!

Virginia Orlando created this simple piece
in this gorgeous modern pedestal. She wanted
to create a classic piece that had a musical feeling
without getting too literal. The flexi grass bounced
with each vibration, and the billy balls seemed to be
dancing above the rannunculus and parrot tulips. 

Beverly McClure, the owner of Floral Elegance wow'd the
crowds yet again with her piece in the public space. She
had a vision of having a hanging arrangement, one that would
draw the eye in and really intrigue the public. She decided to
install a large arch way and adorn it with dyed blue dendrobium 
orchids, lime green anthirium and flocked mitsumata branches.
She lit the piece from within, add touches of blue glass and...wow!
The spectators spent some time trying to figure out just how those
orchids got to be that color! Floral Elegance took first place for 
Best Floral Display!

We only wish we got better photos of this 
amazing piece! Hopefully you were there
to see it in person!

In addition, Beverly set up another display showcasing 
various birch logs, balls, and branches, adorned with tropical
and spring blooms. The cork bowls she used are fabulous and
looked great resting upon the table as well as on a rustic birch log.
Black pussy willow added height and drama to the piece, and the 
spring blooms smelled fabulous. Again, we only wish we had time
to take some better pictures!

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