Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday 2010 Updates!

We have been soooo busy this holiday season that we haven't even had time to get to our blog!! We thought we would play catch up today and get you all up to speed. Thanksgiving was a great holiday here at Floral Elegance and our customers were thrilled with our rustic-modern approach to their centerpieces. We had cylinders wrapped in warm chocolate colored wool, dripping with seeded eucalyptus, hydrangea, birch tips, caramel orchids, and fresh pears...mmm.almost as tasty as dinner! Our open house this past weekend was a big hit! Customers, old and new, were enjoying the sights and smells of the shop. Children enjoyed glittering reindeer carnations and eating copious amounts of cookies. We have introduced miniature terrariums, succulent planters, and narcissus gardens this year in addition to our gorgeous hand selected poinsettia's and Christmas Cactus. We are busy making our holiday samples and are excited about our  fabulous new containers for our 2010 collection! We have fresh and permanent wreaths available in many different styles from rustic to ultra-bling..there really is something for everyone! We took a minimalist approach to the holiday window display this year and it is going over very well. We have been decorating several homes in the area and the results have been rewarding and we must say, quite beautiful. Enjoy seeing what we've been up to through our photos and visit the store if you see something you just have to have! Just keep scrolling...and scrolling...and scrolling...

A soft warm blanket for your flowers...
We just loved using fresh Hackamatack to make the loops
in this arrangement!

Montana Spheres


A little glitz and a little glam! Complete with a mirror
in the center!

Painting pinecones!

Painting smock courtosey of Roney's Funeral Home

Swarming over succulents!

Miss Molly (future designer) helping out at the glittering

Helper elves!

We just LOVE our succulents!

Just a "small" wreath for your home!

Vintage crate planters!

Frosty tops in birch! yummy!

Floral Elegance's version of ski's over the hearth! Love it!

Felted Vases!

Custom wreath centerpieces for your holiday table!! Bring us your
bowl and platter and we will handle the rest!
Ted and Gail
Visiting our Open House for 25 years!

Meet Our Mascott

What are you looking at?
One bitter cold evening in late January a fuzzy little man came strolling through the door. He was hungry, cold, and all alone. Despite all of our attempts to find his former family, no one came forth to claim our new found friend. Beverly attempted to keep her new pal at home, but he decided he was too good for her other felines and wanted the domain to himself. It was then that he was named "Riff-Raff"...Soon after, Nancy came up with the fabulous idea that maybe, just maybe "Riff" would like to become the official greeter at Floral Elegance. He now takes his job very seriously, greeting every customer as they walk through the door. "Riff" enjoys lounging in the sun, helping us with our paperwork, eating, eating again, and then eating some more. He also enjoys daily deep tissue massages and by his personal masseuse Nancy. "Riff" loves children and has several weekly visitors.  Come see "Riff" today!

The painters tail

Riff enjoys bolting into the cooler...however, he
does not appreciate when we forget he is in there.

Riff had on his favorite holiday outfit for our open-house. He was
soon removed from the vicinity when trying to steal the customers
cheese and crackers.

Riff loves controlling the mouse.

Get back to work!

Riff often gives children high-five's through the glass!
Eyeing that cheese again....