Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Check Out Some Of Our Easter Flowers and Plants

 Carnations...Today's carnations come in vibrant and unusual colors. If you love fragrance, color and lasting quality in a flower. Take a fresh look at carnations.
 This outstanding Hydrangea is called Mojito. Minty green with subtle veins of deeper green. A great base for any spring arrangement. We use these beauties in many of our beautiful wedding designs.

From bottom left, clockwise...Picasso Calla Lilies
Peachy Pink Calla Lilies, Green Trick Dianthus and

One of the happiest flowers I know, the Gerbera Daisy makes you want to smile. There are hundreds of varieties and growers are bringing in new colors all the time.

Roses from bottom, clockwise.
Super Green..the most super thing about these beauties is that they last two to three weeks, no kidding.
Cool Water (lavender)...this rose is in high demand. Our customers love them.
Orange Crush...with a high petal count and big full opening performance, this rose is long lasting and impressive.

Nothing says Spring like TULIPS!!!! These spring favorites have been lasting one and often almost two weeks in my house. We bring them in from Nova Scotia believe it or not and will have them until about Mother's Day.

Spring bulb plants like the fragrant Hyacinth and the colorful Tulip plant continue to grow inside for two to three weeks. Then you can rest and plant the bulbs in the garden for more years of  enjoyment.
EASTER LILIES are loved by many for good reason. Their proud stance and sweet fragrance is very inviting. If you think Easter Lilies are only for Churches and Centenarians think again. Better yet walk up to one and breathe in the beautiful fragrance. Take one home and give the canned air freshener a toss.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Philadelphia Flower Show 2015. Designers, Beverly McClure AIFD and Laurie Lemek AIFD

Beverly McClure AIFD of Floral Elegance in Grafton and Millbury and Laurie Lemek AIFD were invited by The American Institute of Floral Designers to be featured designers at The Philadelphia Flower Show 2015. The show theme was Hollywood Movies. AIFD had a large area to exhibit in. Our team of AIFD designers interpreted the eleven official Disney Princesses. Each princess was assigned a team of designers.

Laurie and I were given "Tiana" from The Princess and The Frog to interpret. I couldn't have been happier with our assignment as the inspiration was a swamp scene in the movie.

Our set design artist, Chris Kanienberg created an incredible laser cut steel prop that was 8 feet high and 4 feet wide. The top had a deep pan for floral foam and flowers. The frog he cut out was absolutely adorable.

To start we attached the bittersweet vines that Bev and Jim  harvested in thigh high snow at The Knowlton Dairy Farm in Grafton. The trees they were strangling will be very grateful come Spring and Summer. The natural twisted vines helped integrate the natural product with the metal. Laurie and I each got on tall ladders and designed the top together from opposite sides. Photo is of Laurie adding green dendrobium orchids and Large Monstera Leaves.

Bev making foliage frogs for the swamp. I practiced making Origami Frogs with paper to find a method that translated to making them out of foliage.

A dragonfly made with Flax leaves, a rib from Ti leaves and hypericum berry.

Laurie made a fabulous textured Alligator out of styrofoam, hot glue and paint. A perfect addition to the swamp.

If you look close you'll see the snake coiled among the vines. Laurie made him with copper tubing covered with galax leaves and bullion wire. The fresh hanging Spanish Moss was hand picked by Bev's Dad in Florida and shipped over night. It takes a village and sometimes, helpful family.

The American Institute of Floral Designers wanted to have a spotlight on carnations, an under appreciated flower. Each Princess exhibit had a specific color palette to work with. Ours was green and cream. Cinderella was pink etc. The unifying element was that each Princess exhibit had circles pave'd with carnations in multiple sizes. This photo shows the largest circle in our display. There were two more on the other side that were smaller. As you can see the swamp came out about 5 feet on each side of the prop.

Bev adding clusters of orchids into the vines.

The flowers uses were, Green Anthurium, Green Dendrobium and Cymbidium Orchids, Helleborus, Hypericum Berries, Hanging Amaranth and about 800 green carnations. The foliages were, Monstera Leaves, Galax, Asplenium, Long Bear Grass, Flax, Ti Leaves and Aspidistra.

Beverly McClure and Laurie Lemek with our finished design. We had a great time working together and with this amazing team of floral designers.

At last count the AIFD team were given 5 Awards. "Best in Show", "The PHS Cup", "The SAG Award" (from flowers to floral), The "Society of American Florists Award", and "The Gold Medal"
It was an honor and privilege to work with Laurie Lemek and all the fun and talented designers from The American Institute of Floral Designers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Some of our beautiful flowers for Valentine's Week !!!

Some of our beautiful flowers for Valentine's Week !!

We drove through the snow storm into Boston this morning to hand pick the most select and fresh flowers for our valued clients. It looks like Spring, not Winter in the Floral Elegance design studio.
Flowers always bring a smile. Say Happy Valentine's Day with beautiful gerbera daisies, calla lilies, roses and more. Even the accent flowers like wax are fresh and beautiful.

This is Wax Flower. Most that we get in is grown in California. Wax is used like a contemporary babies breath. This variety is called Apple Blossom. White with blush pink hues running through it.

Above are Coxcomb Celosia, Super Green Roses, Cayenne (orange) Roses, Bikini (yellow) Roses and the always happy Red and Hot Pink Gerbera Daisies.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Card Messages For The Sentimentally Challenged

When you're sending flowers for Valentine's Day it's important to select the right arrangement.
 Of equal importance is sending a sentiment that reflects how you feel.
 Well we've made it easy for you with a collection of messages from FSN to help you say what your heart wants to speak.

1. Life is filled with lots of things that make it all worthwhile, but none is better than the love found       in your smile.
2. Thank you for filling my life with love,
3. You are my partner, my sweetheart, my confidant and adviser, my comforter and friend. You are          my quiet place away from the rest of the world.
4. (funny)For Valentine's Day, let's have a nice, romantic candlelight dinner for two. I'll find the             sitter, you pick up the pizza and beer.
5. Wishing someone close to my heart a warm and wonderful day.
6. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my          soul can reach." Elizabeth Barrett Browning
7. Everyday is Valentine's Day when I'm with you.
8. It's a joy to share my heart with you.
9. Know what I like/love about you? Everything! Happy Valentine's Day
10. Thank you for all the countless, caring ways you've filled my life with love.
11.(funny) I think you're really precious and cute! In a studly, manly kind of way, of course.
12. Thank you for being a constant source of laughter and love, strength and support.
13. The laughter, the smiles, and the tears, the memories we've shared through the years, a love on           which I can depend, my sweetheart, my forever friend.
14. Wishing you a day filled with happiness because you've filled my life with love.


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Friday, January 23, 2015


VALENTINE'S DAY IS FAST APPROACHING !!!!! Here is a sample of the huge beautiful roses we will be offering for Valentine's Day 2015. The best time to order is now but please order at least a week ahead. So that folks understand....florists order roses ahead on speculation to offer the best price and the most choice blooms. The orders booked early are going to get the best roses first. If you wait until the day before we are sometimes sold out. So order these beauties soon.... before the're gone. 
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

In Life...and Death

As florists we find ourselves helping people in good times and also at the sad times. The life of a flower is ephemeral and parallels the life of our loved ones. From bud to full bloom then passing on. Floral arrangements at memorial and funeral services are not only just a tradition, they're also a celebration of the loved one's life, and a comfort to the living they've left behind. They are a visual representation of life's beauty, sentiment, and a way for some to express their mourning when they just can't find the right words. 

Traditionally, sending flowers to the bereaved family in their time of need is a sign of respect for both the living and deceased. It's also a thoughtful way to express their feelings through beautiful floral art. 

Nowadays there are so many beautiful arrangements that can be designed, from  traditional garden-variety casket sprays and lily arrangements, to more contemporary artistic designs. A modern day tribute may be a stately white orchid plant or a long lasting planter of succulents.

Flowers can also add that touch of dignity and warmth to a part of life that may seem cold and depressing. They leave a lasting impression, and a beautiful, soft picture in the memory for the family and loved ones. 


Family flowers especially can reflect the personality of the deceased loved one. As floral artists we welcome the opportunity to incorporate some personal items into the flowers such as fishing poles, golf clubs, quilts, garden tools, photographs, or whatever would make people remember how special and or unique the individual was.

The fleeting beauty of a flower and arrangement is wonderfully symbolic of life and it's fragility but also sweetness. The most beautiful way to send your loved one to their place of rest.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Woodsy August Wedding

In August, we were fortunate to be a part of Caitlyn and Tim's beautiful wedding day. The laid-back couple enjoy camping, cross country mountain biking, along with being craft beer enthusiasts, so they knew that to bring their personalities into their wedding flowers they would want woodsy and natural components, like ferns, vines, and hops. It was such a treat for us to be able to interpret the brides vision while also being able to bring our own unique artistic eye to the table. 

Working off the brides vision, we began pulling together the flowers and pieces that would be gorgeous for an on-the-cusp-of-fall wedding, working with mostly neutral flowers to highlight the beauty of the natural elements.

Uluhe fern curls, seeded eucalyptus, hops, and seed pods were on deck for the groomsmen's boutonnieres, wrapped lovingly in some tan twine, while the groom's was complimented with a single white freesia flower. 

Keeping with the neutral and natural theme of the day, the bridesmaids bouquets contained some gorgeous fully bloomed green hydrangea and white dahlias. Accented with seed pods, nigella pods, plumosus fern, and sugar pine cone petals, the final bouquet arrangement was given a delicate halo of angel vine. 

For the bride's bouquet to really stand apart, we pulled in elements from each of the other pieces to create a gorgeous and cohesive bouquet that would convey her spirit and personality. Using the sugar pine cone petals, plumosus fern, seed pods, seeded eucalyptus, hops, and freesia to accent the white hydrangea, we also added in some varieties of white dahlia to really make the freshness and crispness of the natural components pop against the unblemished white flowers. 

The end result was a gorgeous blend of the natural and the beautiful, all brought together in a delicate balance. 

Seeing the bride moved to tears with "the attention to detail and the way they able to accurately interpret my loose ideas into something beautiful" was the most rewarding part of the experience.